Unfathomable miracle and yet so banal, we are representatives of Life, we are constantly bathed by and in Life. It is obviously distinguishable in every other human being, in every animal, and in every plant, but it is as well in every mineral or every object that surrounds us.

Among the objects, some seem to me more "animated" than others. We feel this differently according to the sensitivity of each person, his own filters or subtle perceptions. It seems to me, however, that the "density of life" of objects is variable, perhaps even in absolute terms.

In any case, my approach is based on the awareness of this Life and in its consideration for what it has transcendent.
In practice, I strive to recognize, preserve and respect the Life that has been in the natural mineral that clay since the dawn of time. When I work on it to make a Sensitive Sculpture, it is important for me to feed it through the energy of life that emanates from the living model that dances in front of me, and then to let these lives intertwine, much like during the miracle of fertilization.
I am the witness of this prodigy from the first minutes of the e-city, and then the guarantor of its own development.
It is then my role and my responsibility to watch, like a female matrix on her fetus, and to accompany the growth of life combined until its full fulfillment in the completion of the sculpture; new form incarnate finally gave birth to the bowels of my oven.


In this process, the pregnant woman finds an essentially fair place. It is the tabernacle of the transmission of the spark of life

Through my amazement at the magic of gestation, there is an obvious space for spontaneous appreciation of the developed forms of the pregnant woman.

In this already sumptuous amplitude, in this primordial reality of life, it is so good to exaggerate the volumes thanks to the "right to excess" of bodies carved in clay.

In fact, my current production is mainly dedicated as a hymn to femininity and fertility.

Moreover, it is not impossible that artistic creation is for me a way to compensate for the frustration due to the limitations of my "male being".
Indeed, it is a bit like giving it the ability to let germinate in itself, in an unlikely uterus, the seed of an embryo (artistic work?), and to give it a chance to be born by itself.

Three hours of posing with her three-month-old baby; an unforgettable session ...

Manina's Baby