At first, I first need sandstone clays and some tools, which I very often take to the ACDA workshop in St Egrève (Isère)

I meet there living models in movement, carefully chosen for their qualities of presence and generosity.

I carefully observe the model, in particular its own way of moving and the postures in which I feel it most naturally at ease.

But this is not done mainly with the eyes. Rather, it is the attention of the whole body to capture the sensitive messages exchanged within the workshop.

Sometimes I make small models, but more often I sketch the sculptures directly, filling them with energy and the life of the models.
The most difficult for me is to "unplug the head", in order to let the hands express themselves, or rather my whole body, about what the living model transmits from its movement, from its emotions of the moment, from its lived, ..... and his life from the moment.

Quickly, if all goes well, the sculpture takes its own life and its own movement in resonance with that of the model.
So the work becomes really enjoyable, and I just have to respect this movement and accompany it during the rough draft session of three hours.