Choice of sculpture
I have a large number of Sculptures that are visible in my permanent or temporary exhibition spaces or within my Temple of Women. It is also possible to see a number of them on this site in my galleries:
Prices are usually indicated near the title, but if they are not, it is either an oversight, and then just contact me to know them, or that the sculpture is no longer available (you can then contact me also to discuss a possible order if this sculpture attracts you especially, because it is often possible to redo one in the same spirit).

Delivery and Installation of Sculptures

A price is offered on this site for deliveries. It is a relatively inse flexib computer tool. If the price of the delivery seems unreasonable to you, contact me directly.
In practice, I can deliver the sculptures, mostly free of charge within a 50 km radius around the Workshop, and for a small price beyond (0.30 euros/km and 10 euros per hour of my time).
For deliveries that are too remote for me to make myself, I use the services of a trusted forwarder who charges reasonable prices. I provide a quote very quickly in this case.
For some sculptures a little heavy, and especially for my large Murales sculptures, I also propose a performance of Installation of The Sculpture in its place in your home under the same price conditions as the delivery.

Bronze declination

For the vast majority of my Ceramic Sculptures, it is possible to make a Bronze version.
This new Sculpture can either be a very faithful copy or be reworked in certain details by sculpting the wax model during the process.
For each application, a quote can be drawn up within a few days because we have a very reliable and competent foundry in Crest (Barthélémy Foundry).
To get an order of magnitude, for the "Cally" Sculpture opposite (28x20x28cm), the price of ceramic sculpture is 1,300 euros, and that of this bronze version is 3,300 euros.


The ceramic sculptures in Sandstone are very solid.
As for mine, they are also very "alive". Even if life itself is very "solid" or even indestructible, living beings can sometimes be more sensitive and fragile…..   In an accident, a human may damage his body.
More often than not, this is not dramatically serious; thus, if by misfortune a child breaks an arm falling from his trapeze, there is no question of considering him lost and, if all goes well, he will live his future life with a memory that will not spoil it for him.
Aware that a sudden shock or a fall are always possible, I have worked a lot on repair techniques and, in collaboration with Isabelle Peugnet (Professional Painter and Colorist), we perform "miracles" almost as well as in nature.
If an accident happens to one of my sculptures, in the vast majority of cases, I can carry out repairs of professional quality for a very reasonable price.

General terms and CONDITIONS of sale

Vincent Tournebize Workshop




The CGV is intended to govern the relationship between the Artists, Vincent Tournebize and the Buyers of Works.

Art. 1 – Conclusion of the sales contract between the Buyer and the Artist

1) Works are presented on the Site with a description that allows the Buyer to know their essential characteristics and price.
2) The Buyer selects the works he or she wants to buy.
3) It confirms its choice of works,s learns and accepts these CGVs with a validation click. He chooses his method of payment of VINCENT TOURNEBIZE.

If he chooses to pay by credit card, he immediately makes the payment. The Buyer receives a confirmation email of taking his order into account. However, the sale agreement between the Buyer and the Artist is subject to the resolute condition that the work is actually available.

If he chooses payment by bank transfer, he waits for the email confirmation of the availability of the work and then proceeds to the bank account of VINCENT TOURNEBIZE (or the intermediary designated for sale) as soon as possible, so that the payment is actually received within 5 working days after receiving the email confirming the availability of the work. Receiving the settlement within this time frame is a resolved condition of the sale.

4) Once the availability of the Works (or works) confirmed or disproved by the Artist, an email is sent by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE to the Buyer to inform him of the availability or not of the works commissioned.

If the Artist confirms the availability of the Work(s) the resolute condition attached to the sales contract between the Buyer and the Artist is lifted:
The Buyer makes a commitment to make the payment of the Work by transfer if he has chosen this method of payment;
The Artist makes a firm commitment to deliver the works within the time frame announced on the descriptive page of the work once ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE has confirmed to him the receipt of the transfer.

In the absence of confirmation of the availability of the Works within 3 days, or if the transfer is not received by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE within 5 working days from the date of validation of the work's availability if the Buyer has chosen this method of payment, the contract between the Buyer and the Artist is automatically resolved and each of the parties is resolved. In particular, the Buyer is assured that his bank account will not be debited. However, only the contract for the sale of the unavailable works (or works) is covered by this resolution.

5) If confirmation of the availability of all or part of the works ordered by the Buyer and confirmation of receipt of the transfer by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE if the Buyer has chosen this method of payment, these works are shipped by the Artist.

Art. 2 – Price

The prices of the works are set by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE. They are mentioned in TTC euros on the description sheets, but excluding delivery costs, these being specified when validating the shopping cart.

The price of a work can be changed at any time, up or down, but the price charged corresponds in all cases to the price displayed on the Site at the time the order is validated by the Buyer.

Art. 3 – Delivery fee

The price is plus the delivery costs (packaging, shipping and insurance) possibly due.

The amount of the delivery costs, at the expense of the Buyer, is indicated in the shopping cart, after he has informed and validated the delivery address. They are calculated on the basis of a tariff schedule that changes according to the size and weight of the work ordered, as well as the shipping and delivery address.

Delivery costs may seem high: they are the best quality/price ratio in this area. ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE works with the most reliable carriers on the market.

Orders with an international delivery request will need to be formally confirmed by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE. Under no circumstances will the responsibility of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE be sought in cases where this shipment proves impossible, but ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE naturally undertakes to do everything possible to make the work available to the Buyer. Buyers are invited to learn about international delivery conditions by requesting ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE via the contact tab before validating their order.

Art. 4 – Tariffs

Prices are displayed in the "Excluding Possible Customs Fees" basket. If customs duties, local taxes or import duties are payable, these duties are the responsibility of the Buyer and are entirely responsible, both in terms of declarations and payments to the relevant authorities and/or agencies.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE to keep Buyers informed in real time of changes in customs policies in each country to which the works are shipped. In order to find out the taxation applicable to works of art imported into the recipient country, the Buyer is invited to approach the relevant customs authorities.

Art. 5 – Payment

The payment of purchases made through the Service can be made by bank card with VINCENT TOURNEBIZE via our payment provider. ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE collects the amount corresponding to the name and on behalf of the Artist.

The Buyer will be charged the price of the purchased work plus the delivery fee only from the moment the Artist validates the availability of the work. In the event of the work's unavailability, the Buyer will not be debited and its payment will be cancelled.

Art. 6 – Payment security

ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE has chosen high-performance and rigorous tools in terms of securing the means of payment.

ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE does not have access to confidential payment information that the Customer uses during payment. This is why the Customer's bank details will be requested with each new order. Indeed, only the payment provider has confidential information that remains inaccessible to third parties.

Although ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE uses encrypted security software, the security of information and payments transmitted over the Internet or via e-mail cannot be guaranteed. ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the use of electronic means of communication, including (but not exhaustively) damage resulting from failure or delay in the transmission of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and virus transmission.

Art. 7 – Shipping or Withdrawal Modes

7.1 – Expedition of the work by the Artist, under the responsibility of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE.

Transportation costs are accepted by the Buyer at the time of validation of his shopping cart.

It is the Buyer's sole responsibility to ensure that the information he provides to ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE for this purpose is and remains correct and that it will allow him to receive the works he buys on the Site.

The Artist, provided that he has validated the availability of the work and that ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE has notified him of the receipt of the payment, is responsible for packing or packing the work in the packaging provided by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE and making it available to a carrier. This provision must take place within the time indicated on the work sheet from the date of confirmation of availability of the ordered work or the date of receipt of the transfer if the Buyer has selected this method of payment.

The works are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer when his order is placed and is usually delivered no later than 7 working days – for a national delivery – after confirmation of the availability of the work to the carrier by the Artist, the time limit may vary depending on the carrier chosen and the location of the work at the time of purchase.

ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE undertakes to provide the Buyer with the name of the carrier that took over the transport of the work as well as the parcel number in order to enable the Buyer to follow the status of his order on the carrier's website, provided that the latter offers a parcel tracking service.

The works travel at the risks of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE.

7.2 – The Buyer can also remove the works ordered directly from the premises of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE.

It indicates for each work the mode of delivery – shipping or withdrawal at ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE or by appointment – that it chooses during the process of validating its order on the Site.

Once he has placed his order and subject to the actual availability of the work and the correct receipt of the transfer by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE if the Buyer has chosen this method of payment, ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE makes the ordered work available to the Buyer within the time indicated on the work sheet. The Buyer is notified by email of the availability of the work and agrees to an appointment at the premises of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE or instead of his choice, by exchange of emails or by phone. In the event that the place where the work is withdrawn is not the premises of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE, the cost of transporting the work to the chosen place is the responsibility of the buyer. Their estimate is then made on a case-by-case-by-case with the buyer.

Art. 8 – Right of withdrawal

8.1 – Meaning

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, in the context of a purchase made from a professional artist established in the European Economic Area (eurozones as well as Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein), the Buyer, if he himself is a national of this area, has a period of 14 days from the receipt of the works ordered, either personally or from a designated third party to receive the , to exercise his right of withdrawal with ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE, without having to justify reasons or pay a penalty.

For any purchase made from an Artist who is not a member of the European Economic Area or if the Buyer is not himself a national of this area this right of withdrawal is not applicable.

The Buyer exercises without ambiguity his right to retract directly with ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE by recommended letter sent by post to: ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE – 340 Route du Maraîcher – Saint Julien – 26530 Le Grand Serre – France

Any disputes are settled directly between the Buyer and ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE.

8.2 – Re-shipping the work

The return fee is fully borne by the Buyer.

The work must be returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging and shipped in the same conditions as its shipment to the address communicated by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE by mail return, no later than fourteen days after the release of the decision to withdraw this contract.

8.3 – Refund

In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal within the aforementioned time frame, ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE undertakes to reimburse all payments received, including delivery costs in the event that the cause of the retraction is the responsibility OF ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE. In the event that the Buyer exercises his right of withdrawal unrelated to a reason of the responsibility of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE, the refund will be made excluding initial delivery costs.

Any additional costs (customs or other) will remain at the buyer's expense.

The refund will take place no later than fourteen days after the receipt of the returned work.

By default, the refund is made by the same means of payment as the one used for the original transaction, unless the Buyer expressly requests a refund by a different means that does not entail any additional costs.

Art. 9 – Disputes and disputes

The Buyer is obliged, upon receipt, to unpack and check the condition of the work in the presence of the carrier and to issue all reservations that it deems useful to the latter, in writing and without delay, and at the latest within 48 hours by e-mail.

Any delivery that has not been the subject of reservations communicated to the carrier by letter recommended with request for notice of receipt within 3 days of receipt, in accordance with Article L.133-3 of the Code of Commerce, and of which copy will be addressed simultaneously to ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE, will be considered accepted by the Buyer.

If ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE is seized of a dispute concerning the information communicated by the Artist on the Site (creation technique, date of creation, circulation number…), ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE communicates the grievances to the Artist, who makes it his personal affair. The Artist will have to make his best efforts to resolve the dispute between him and the Buyer amicably.

Depending on the case, the declared dispute will result either in the return of the work commissioned and the buyer's reimbursement by the Artist or only to the partial or total reimbursement of the Buyer.

Art. 10 – Personal data

The Buyer is informed that all data collected as part of the Service during the ordering of orders are managed by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE for the purpose of processing these orders.

Contracts concluded on the Site (order data and CGV in effect on the day of the order) are archived for a period of 1 year. The Buyer can access the archived contracts by requesting them by e-mail or by post (ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE – 340 Route du Maraîcher – Saint Julien – 26530 Le Grand Serre – France).

Buyers' information and data relating to delivery are transmitted by ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE to The Artists for the sole purpose of enabling them to ship the commissioned works. They cannot be used for any other purpose.

Artists are committed to ensuring the security of the personal data they retain for the purposes of order production and tracking. If there is a difficulty in processing this data, the Artist will contact ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE directly.

Art. 11 – Copyright divestment

The Artist yields to the Buyer, without limitation of duration, the support of the work purchased on the Site, as well as all the heritage rights attached to it, namely the right of representation and reproduction, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.122-7 of the Intellectual Property Code. The purchaser will be able to exhibit the work in any place of his choice, present it to the public, including to a relocated public, sell it, lend it or rent it.

The Artist, however, retains his moral rights over the work.
The nullity of the sale rightly results in the nullity of the assignment of the heritage rights: the Purchaser who makes the choice to retract his purchase undertakes to remove all reproduction of the work to which he would have consented and to return to the Artist any income derived from the exploitation of the work before the cancellation of this contract.

Art. 12 – Partial Nullity

If one or more stipulations of these CGVs are held invalid or declared invalid under a law, regulation or final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain all their strength and scope.

Art. 13 – Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or enforcement is the responsibility of the French courts.