The Temple of the Woman

From the beginning of 2015, I am actively working on a local setting to welcome my sculptures.
I want it adjoining my workshop, and installed in a place of beautiful energy. The old window of this old farmhouse is chosen as a no-brainer. My first sculptures already found their privileged place of storage from the beginning of my activity.
The first two exhibition spaces were inaugurated at the end of 2016.
Then extension works and huts, promoted by financial support from the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region and the Community of Commune Porte de Drôme Ardèche, are carried out during the year 2017, in parallel with the work on my largest sculpture to date (started in November 2016), which I wanted to discover in October 2017, at the same time as the new exhibition spaces created.
As always, these two projects were completed just in time....
In October 2017,-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND- the Temple of Women was inaugurated at the same time as "Tour de Vie" (sculpture 3m40 high), in the presence of Emmanuelle Anthoine (General Councillor) and Agnès Genthon (Mayor of Grand Serre)
It is a set of 7 exhibition spaces totalling about 200 m2 interior, and in which are presented between 150 and 200 sculptures (depending on new productions and temporary outdoor exhibitions)
Here, the main room with the mezzanine.
The stairs were "designed" and made by David Chain (a blacksmith who is also a sculptor) and myself.
The exterior is also staged, depending on the seasons and desires