Vincent Tournebize Workshop



  1. Preamble


This data processing register concerns the company Atelier Vincent Tournebize-340 Route du Maraîcher - Saint Julien - 26530 Le Grand Serre, SIRET: 534.404.710.000.20 - under the application of the European Parliament's 2016/679 Regulation (EU) and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)


The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been in force since 25 May 2018.


  1. Data collected by Atelier Vincent Tournebize
    1. Consent


Anyone present in the processing of The data of Atelier Vincent Tournebize has explicitly given their consent to the data privacy policy of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE. This consent was obtained exclusively:

  • Website Form: CheckBox
  • Client file - invoices issued: Mention on quotes and invoices for tacit acceptance of the privacy policy, how to view this document (referring to the website) and how not to accept the processing of personal data.
  • Purchase on merchant site or by cheque: Information given on the website and referring to this document, and mention on the invoice corresponding to the purchase (see "Customer File").
  • Information given spontaneously during meetings: Mention of the RGPD when transmitting information, and confirmation during the first contact.


  1. Type of data and reasons for collection


All identifiable and identifiable data is considered to be data and linked to a specific person. Not all corporate data is affected by this data processing.

The company ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE collection has functional and promotional communication purposes.


Name: Identification

First names: Accurate identification

Postal addresses: Promotion or delivery of sculptures

Email Addresses: Functional or Promotional Communication

Phone numbers: Functional and promotional communication.

Photos: Promotional use, unless explicit privacy requests or intellectual property rights


ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE does not collect sensitive data of racial, ethnic, religious, philosophical, trade union, biometric, health or judicial types.


  1. Finalities of the data collected


The purposes of the treatment are multiple and are governed by the commercial relationship between the individual and ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE:


Communications for the purpose of operating the company (management of functional interfaces with partners and suppliers and subcontractors, in principle for deliveries) and communication for promotional purposes.


  1. People with access to data


Atelier VINCENT TOURNEBIZE defines 1 type of person with access to this data:

Vincent Tournebize is the only one entitled to view and exploit the data collected. In the event of a temporary failure, there is no provision for replacement in this function. In the event of a permanent default, his heirs will be in charge of taking over or cancelling (after pay for the minimum regulatory shares) this responsibility.


  1. Data storage media


The data is stored in computer format.


  1. Data security


Periodic backups are made on computer data stored in the RGPD's cards.


  1. User information


This document is available on the company's website.


  1. Right to Conservation and Rectification


The data set can be categorized into two categories:

  • Prospecting type data is collected and exploited for 1 year from the date of registration or the last conversation or report by the prospect. After this time, the prospecting data is physically or digitally destroyed.
  • Customer-type data is kept for 10 years to ensure interventions or to inform the client about projects that have been developed. The delay begins on the date of last report or conversation with the person.

In both cases, individuals have the right to modify and correct to complete the missing information or to modify the existing information.



  1. Data transparency and portability


ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE, through its Data Protection Officer (DPO) can provide at any time and as soon as possible (maximum one month) the personal data of the individual only on request of the individual. The portability of this data is free and will be provided in a structured format, commonly used and readable by computers. However, due to the costs of implementing these procedures, in the event of abusive and/or repetitive requests (more than twice a year), ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE may either demand a payment of 100 euros TTC or refuse to act on the requests. The free provision of this data is done exclusively by email. If you request supplies it on another medium, a fee may apply.


  1. Right of withdrawal and right to be forgotten


Anyone concerned has the right to withdraw consent at any time on the processing of their personal data.

Its data will be erased as soon as possible and failing that within one month.




  1. Data Protection Delegate


The data protection delegate also named Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the company ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE is Vincent Tournebize and can be reached at: 340 Route du Maraîcher - Saint Julien

26530 The Great Greenhouse,


The DPO is recorded DPO: No. 17772

Learn more about DPO:


  1. Data made available to subcontractors
    1. Type of data and reasons for collection


Name, First name, Postal address at the end of delivery of the sculptures

Name, First name and Email address and/or postal at the end of communication


  1. Subcontractor with access to data


Shipping and delivery companies in general

Communication assistance companies


  1. Subcontractor obligations


The subcontractors working on behalf of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE have a relationship governed by a contract or a legal act. All subcontractors provide sufficient safeguards for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures so that the treatment meets the requirements of the regulation and guarantees the protection of the human rights concerned.


All of the subcontractors of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE have guaranteed their ability to manage the data or, failing that, have been the subject of an application for the existence of a data processing register and are obliged to transmit it on request.


All of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE's subcontractors are committed to:

  • To process personal data only on instruction of ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE
  • Ensure that VINCENT TOURNEBIZE ATELIER data is only available to authorized persons
  • To take all measures in accordance with the RGPD regulation
  • To inform ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE in case of working with another subcontractor.


  1. Data storage media


Defined in the Subcontractor's Register.


  1. Data security


Defined in the Subcontractor's Register.


  1. User information


Defined in the Subcontractor's Register.


  1. Conservation and retraction


Defined in the Subcontractor's Register.



  1. Data available to third parties.


The data is not shared with third parties, except subcontractors, in the general case.

In particular cases, a procedure identical to that of working with a subcontractor is implemented.



  1. Claims and litigation


In the case of claims and/or disputes, any natural person has the right to lodge a claim with the competent supervisory authority on the territory and the jurisdiction. ATELIER VINCENT TOURNEBIZE invites individuals to contact the relevant authorities (CNIL) to find out the reference authority allowing them to make a claim.