At first, I need sandstone clays and some tools, which I often take to the ACDA workshop in St Egrève (Isère)

I use different lands, mix them and work them.

These are refractory lands, as soon as sandstone. Most come from Barcelona, or central France, from Saint Amand in Puisaye especially.

I incorporate as a matter of principle some local land harvested near my workshop, but this land alone would melt at the cooking temperature of the sandstones (1,300 degrees Celsius). Also you remain discreetly in the dance, next to the large quantities of sandstone that I put into play.

Most of the land used for the new sculptures comes from the recycling I do, following the emptying of the large sculptures mainly. The old ones feed the new ...

The earth chips are removed from the inside of the sculptures ...

... Then they are re-kneaded to be recycled and reused.