The nudity

Love of "nudity"

Obviously in connection with my attachment to nature and to authenticity, nudity plays for me an essential role.
Without extending on the various levels where it finds its place in my life, I like and I deeply respect nudity in my artistic work, for it's truth and his fundamental simplicity, for its disavowal of the overrated and the artifice.
However, I do not find it always easy, nor even always pleasant to look at the naked human body.
This is why I am delighted by the chance which is given to me to work most of the time with living models in movement. In those circumstances, the sight is purified and simplified by magic.
My concern is simply to transfer something about the life and the movement of the model in the clay.
I can be satisfied with my work only if one share of this spark of life is still in the completed sculpture.
It is then ready to go live its own life, far from my workshop.