The sensibility

Redevelopment of my own sensitivity

During my youth and previous professional life as an engineer, my artistic sensitivity has been severely choked.
I simply followed the path which was traced for me, in a well pepared way, passing by studious and a little long studies. I mainly did what one awaited from me.
Of course, that meant to put aside all that could be deviating or awkward, to smooth the individual singularities.
Moreover, my trade (initially in Nuclear Safety) required a lot of rigour, and I was rather proud of it at the time.
Gradually, I distinguished failures in my realities. For example: I carried out my work, but I did not “live” it… I made, but I was not,… or so little.
I became convinced that it was necessary for me to give up my certainties and my comfort.
After a first period of “rebuilding”, I started to seriously plan to try “to find me again” on my personal way.
I am currently in the course of this step of rediscovery and re-appropriation of my own sensitivity.
This is done by the means of artistic creation, at its own rhythm, without too much brusqueness.
With the difficulties that some will be able to imagine, I endeavour to disconnect a particularly long-lived and tough intellect, to abandon the ruts where I passed most of my former life, and especially to leave free course so that what I feel can be printed in the clay.