Authenticity and Influences

Influence of authentic affectivities

One does not easily take care of several decades of "life" almost exclusively in the intellect, in the cold and agreed objectivity of science and technology, industry and its contractual relations, especially when they are loved, with a certain sincerity.

It is easier, to thwart the traps and anesthetic logics of these idols, to have the chance to be in contact with authentic individuals, who can be just as simple and rustic people as accomplished artists.
It is then joyful, although sometimes difficult and painful, to allow yourself to be penetrated and carried by their influences.

Thus, my work evolves towards a less representative and realistic vision, leaving more room for abstraction.

This is done very gradually, thanks to the influence of those around me, my neighbors, colleagues and friends. In particular I appreciate the benevolent pressure of Claude Blanc-Brude (painter, artistic director of ACDA), supported by the abundant example and the unreasonable wisdom of Isabelle Peugnet (painter, neighbor and friend). The energy radiated by Anne-Cécile Allegre (ceramic potter) also lights my way with a few sparks escaped from her overflowing life.

Poetic influence

Jeanine Dumas, organizer of the Livio Benedetti Prize, gave me a beautiful gift by reading me on the phone this beautiful poem by Paul Verlaine which she brings my sculptures close to:

My familiar dream

I often have this strange and penetrating dream
Of an unknown woman, whom I love, and who loves me
And which is not always the same each time
Neither quite another, and loves me and understands me.

Because she understands me, and my heart, transparent
For her alone, alas! ceases to be a problem
For her alone, and the wetness of my pallid brow,
She alone can refresh them, crying.

Is she brown, blonde or red-haired? - I do not know.
Her name? i remember it is soft and sound
Like those of the beloved whom Life exiled.

His gaze is similar to the gaze of statues,
And, for her voice, distant, and calm, and grave, she
The inflection of dear voices that have fallen silent.

Paul Verlaine