D'autres formes de Beauté

Questioning on “the beauty”
After long phases of happy torpor in a standard comfort integrating all the certainties useful and necessary on the 'true beauty', unique and standardized, that it was advisable to adore, …       it occurred that I ceased believing in it.
I then felt myself like a prisoner.
In particular, the standards of female beauty struck by our media and advertisement caused a problem to me.
Regretting the vain damage which they caused in my own life, and deploring those which they do almost everywhere else as well as the dysfunctions that they often generate in the relations between the two sexes, I want to get rid of that straitjacket.
That means, for me, the recognition of other forms of beauty, as well as possible beauty in other forms.
During my work with living models, I am likely to meet and, sometimes, more and more often, to recognize the richness and the singular beauty which emanates from a really alive and expressive body.
Then, mysteriously, it seems that its envelope and its morphology become adjusted like a miracle.
It is the beauty of this very life, in its sincerity, its authenticity, its variety and its truth, which I like to try to insert in the clay, with an always renewed pleasure.