October 2018

Silver Medal - Sculpture
Gier Shore Painting and Sculpture Salon (42)

October 2018

Second Prize
SADAG Autumn Contest - Grenoble (38)

November 2017

Guest of Honor
Salon des Arts - Chaponost (69)

September 2017

Second Sculpture Prize
Herbst Salon in Wien - Vienna - Austria

July 2017

Second Audience Award
Turbulence Of the Arts Show - Crest (26)

May 2017

First Sculpture Prize - Belgium
The Reflection of Our Differences at the Château de Franc-Waret

April 2017

Sculpture Jury Prize
Ambronay Art Fair (01)

October 2016

Livio Benedetti Award Winner
in Chambery

April 2016

Public Award at the exhibition
Ceramics at the Fil de l'Eau in Lyon

May 2016

First Sculpture Prize
Jury of the Château de Franc-Waret (Belgium)

November 2015

First Prize at
International Winter Show
de Strasbourg

September 2014

Mention of Excellence
at the opening of the Art Centre
and creation of Aulnay under Wood

November 2013

Silver Sculpture Medal
at the Carrousel du Louvre
at international competitions held
at the Art and Splendour of China event

September 2013

First prize for sculpture at the
2013 Argenson Grand Prix
organized by Galerie EverArts, Paris 8th